The third annual StartupOnomics

July 12, 2013 BY danariely

I’m excited to announce our third annual StartupOnomics (August 23-25).

This is an opportunity for companies that are seeking to make world a better place to hang out with experts in behavioral economics. We’ll spend an intensive weekend at the end of August in San Francisco learning about how people make decisions so that your product can have a bigger impact.

In years past we’ve had great companies join us. LumoBack, Warby Parker, Etsy, LearnUp, Basis and more.

This year we’re keeping teams overnight at a beautiful location right under the Golden Gate bridge – Cavallo Point. Epic sunset pictures are all but guaranteed. We’re also excited to include follow up sessions this year, to ensure the learning sticks.

If you’re a company in health, finance, education or green, please apply here by July 25. 



  •        Product adoption and growth
  •        Increasing active usage
  •        Building loyal customers that love you
  •        Payment strategies
  •        Building a team that loves what they do
  •        Measuring what matters
  •        Testing approaches and best practices

Looking forward to this