In eight candid conversations called The Upside of Down, Dan Ariely explores with his guests what it’s like to live with a serious disability or physical trauma, as well as what can still feel meaningful, worthwhile, even enjoyable… at least sometimes. Combining social science findings with personal insights, these 30-minute episodes cast light on how we might face extreme challenges, whether our own or of those around us.

“Find the Places You Got Hurt”

Does helping others naturally bring out the best parts of us, and what does it feel like to have to ask for help?  How do we decide what to fight for versus what to give up on?  Can we really know if art is meant to be something that tries to change the world, or if it’s meant to exist for its own sake?

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Recent Episodes

Episode 1

“Our Reflection in the Eyes of Others”

Nicole Kear

Author of Now I See You

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Episode 2

“Pushing Through Tension All the Time”

Gregg Mozgala

NYC actor and artistic director

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Episode 3

“Embodying and Embracing the Barriers”

Yo-EL Cassell


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