VAIL (Voice + Email)

Over the years I have learned over and over (and over) that my sense of humor doesn’t transfer very well over email. More generally, emotions don’t communicate well with this quick, cryptic, written medium. In addition to adding a communication depth and warmth, sometimes voice is just more efficient and useful. We created VAIL to address these challenges and to help people who have difficulty typing. Please note that Vail works only with Apple Mail.  DOWNLOAD VAIL »


Some Features

  • Attach a recording to a new outgoing Mail message
  • Attach a recording in reply to a selected Mail message
  • Record your voice and save it as an audio file (to be used later)
  • Auto reply with the audio file with one click
  • Auto reply with the audio file (and delete the original email) with one click
  • Automatically delete older recordings
  • Reply to email with text response-templates

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What email clients does Vail support?
At this time, Vail only supports Apple Mail, included with OS X.

2) Where does Vail save audio recordings?
By default, recordings are saved into a Vail folder in your Music folder. You can select a different folder in Vail’s preferences window.

3) Can Vail add some default text to a new outgoing audio email?
Yes. You can specify a default new message subject and body in Vail’s preferences window.

4) Can Vail add some default text to the top of an audio reply?
Yes. You can specify a default reply body in Vail’s preferences window.

5) Can I disable the Vail tagline in emails generated by Vail?
Why would you ever want to do this? Don’t you want your recipients to know how you are generating these audio emails, so they can do it too? Seriously, you can disable this in Vail’s preferences window.

6) Can Vail retain the original email formatting when replying to a message?
Unfortunately, due to programming limitations in Mail, this isn’t possible at this time. Replies are currently generated in plain text.

7) How much does Vail cost?
Vail was expensive and time consuming to to develop, but we are giving it to you as a gift. Download VAIL »