Probabilistic promotion

November 12, 2010 BY danariely

Recently Nina Mazar and I have been playing with the idea of probabilistic discounts.  The basic question is whether people would prefer a fixed discount of X% (lets say 10%) over a fixed probability X% of paying nothing for the product (lets say 10% chance of paying nothing).  So far it seems that probabilistic discounts are a huge hit.

So – I decided to try a type of probabilistic promotion for my second book (“The Upside of Irrationality”).  Here is the deal:

If you buy “The Upside of Irrationality” in any version (physical, e-book, enhanced e-book, or audio) between now and Nov 20th, keep your receipt, follow this link, and fill in your information.

If you are selected (at random) I will invite you to have dinner with me (now, is this a positive or negative experience?)


p.s I travel so much that I am sure we can find a time and location that would work well.