In Praise of Dishonesty

June 25, 2012 BY danariely

It was gratifying when I recently received some unexpected praise for the new book. If you’re having doubts about whether to read it, maybe this will help you decide…

“I’ve been handing out copies to everyone I know!”

–       Robin Hood


“The world is full of small cheaters, but what separates those amateurs from us pros is dedication and effort. Understanding dishonesty has made us not only more efficient, but it also kept us out of jail.”

–       Everyone responsible for the 2008 financial crisis


“In The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, Ariely shows that our ability to cheat is based on our ability to make ourselves feel good about lying. As a master of this skill, I can personally attest to his insights and findings. I feel great!”

–       Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo (“Charles”) Ponzi, (1882 –1949), inventor of the Ponzi scheme


“A princely read!”

–       Nicolo Machiavelli


“There’s a sucker born every minute, and Ariely teaches us that we’re likely to be one as well.”

–       Phineas Taylor Barnum (“P.T.”) Barnum, businessman, scam artist and entertainer