Visual Illusions

January 3, 2008 BY danariely
Visual and decision illusions ariely_duke.jpg

Circle illusion


Table illusion
Jastrow illusion
Stroop illusion
Cube illusion
Line illusion
Checker Board Checker Board
Koffka Ring Koffka Ring


Test Yourself

January 2, 2008 BY danariely

The Door Game Test Yourself
Easy Hard test2.jpg
Confidence Level Confidence
Questionnaire cosmo

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"Mac vs. PC" videos

January 2, 2008 BY danariely

Chapters at a glimpse

January 1, 2008 BY danariely

Introduction: How an Injury Led Me to Irrationality video1
Chapter 1: The Truth about Relativity relativity
Chapter 2: The Fallacy of Supply and
Chapter 3: The Cost of Zero Free!
Chapter 4: The Cost of Social Norms car
Chapter 5: The Influence of Arousal Influence of Arousal
Chapter 6: The Problem of Procrastination and Self- Control Chapter 6
Chapter 7: The High Price of Ownership  High Price
Chapter 8: Keeping doors open  Doors Open
Chapter 9: The effect of expectations  Expectations
 Chapter 10: The power of price  price
 Chapters 11 and 12: The context of our character  character
 Chapter 13: What is behavioral economics?  behavioral

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