Join Dan by participating in experiments involving a wide range of topics associated with behavioral economics, such as dishonesty, money management, and decision-making in various industries. We firmly believe that our research is inherently useful – but more so when it can be practically applied and shared with the general population, making it relevant to the masses.

Irrationally Illustrated

You will be presented with different experiments & will be asked to predict the results.


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Read about some of Dan’s experiments involving cheating, decision-making, and money.

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How to: conduct
an experiment

Demonstrate the fallibility of memory by implanting a false memory in a close friend.

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Center for

Advanced Hindsight

Hindsight is 20/20, given the info we have now, we can explain why things happened in the past. Our vision is 20/12. We are advanced in aptitude and our unique ability to foresee the future.

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