What to bring for dinner

December 22, 2011 BY danariely

One of my long time friends just wrote me earlier today.  Not seeing her for a long time I was looking forward to seeing her, and I invited her to join us for dinner on Friday night.

She was very happy to accept the invitation, and asked what she could bring.  I asked her not to bring anything and just come.  She wrote back insisting that she wants to bring something.

Here is my email to her ……


Dear XXXXX, (I used her name in the email, I am just erasing it here)
 I am actually very happy that you are insisting on bringing something.  It is very kind of you, and I highly appreciate it
Here are the 2 options, and you can bring either one of these or both (for ease I am attaching the recipes)
1) Roasted Garlic Souffle    http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Roasted-Garlic-Souffle-241739

2) Triple Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie  http://sweetpeaskitchen.com/2011/12/17/triple-chocolate-chunk-pecan-pie/
Looking forward to having dinner together on Friday
Irrationally yoursDan


p.s. I found these recipes by searching for the most time consuming and difficult recipes to make (see link here).  I am not sure what she will bring, but the odds are that she will not ask me again what to bring.
happy holidays