PoorQuality: Inequality Opening Reception

June 18, 2012 BY danariely

innovative and engaging artwork.
social and economic inequality.
wealth distribution.
what is so taxing about taxation?

Opening Reception: June 22, 2012 from 6 – 10 PM at the CAH

Featuring drinks, classy appetizers, and the fabulous DJ Mike B

With no limitation to the style or media of pieces created for PoorQuality: Inequality, a portion of the artists, which included sculptors, painters, book artists, video artists, and photographers, branched out stylistically from their normal medium, while others pushed conceptual boundaries.

Some chose to explore how to visualize analytical data. Suzanne Broughel used color to interpret the U.S. racial wealth gap by decorating a white bed sheet “canvas” with coin marks made by dipping quarters and pennies in liquid foundation makeup and pressing them on the fabric. Peter Lisignoli, an MFA student at Duke University, became interested in how one represents the absence of food. He photographed a Quick-n-Go market to rethink how space and time are rendered by such a space. Despite his efforts to tackle the social issue of food inequality, his project changed focus toward the ghettoizing gaze of the surveillance camera.

Other artists explored the capacity for art to spark an emotional response to the research presented by the Center for Advanced Hindsight. Leslie Salzillo’s “The Rise of Soraya M (What Does that Make Her?)” honors all women who have suffered small and great injustices created by the unequal legal and social double standards misinterpreted to dehumanize women.

June 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012

Open to the public Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM

PoorQuality: Inequality

January 16, 2012 BY danariely

Norton & Ariely figureCall for Artists to respond to research on inequality

Hosted by Dan Ariely and the Center for Advanced Hindsight

Artists from around the world are invited to attend a discussion on social and economic inequality (from the lab that hosted the “Creative Dishonesty” project), on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7 PM EST.  (Artists who do not live within driving distance of Durham, NC will watch the forum streaming live online.)

Interested artists are to RSVP to the curator, Catherine Howard, at creativedishonesty@gmail.com by Tuesday, February 21st at 9 PM EST

After the forum, artists interested in creating artwork in response to the research will complete an online application, including a 1-page explanation of the artist’s creative process and 2-3 digital images of past work.  To be considered, applications must be submitted by Monday, February 27th at 9 PM.

Artists will be notified if they are selected to participate by February 29th and will receive a $100 stipend to complete their piece.  There is no limitation to the style or media of pieces created for “PoorQuality” but all work must be completed by May 5th. 

Artwork created for “PoorQuality” will be on display at the Center for Advanced Hindsight from June 1st to August 31st with a reception on June 22nd.  An exhibit catalogue, including responses and reflections by the artists and the researchers, will be published.  Each artist will receive a copy.

Artists will retain all rights to their piece. Works will be returned to artists after the exhibit by September 15th, 2012.  If the piece is purchased, the $100 stipend will be deducted from the purchase price.

Important Deadlines

Feb 22, 7 PM – “PoorQuality: Inequality” forum at the Center for Advanced Hindsight

Feb 27, 9 PM – Deadline to apply for participation

Feb 29, 9 AM – Selected artists will be notified

May 5, 9 PM – Drop-off deadline

Jun 22, 6 PM – 10 PM – Opening reception at the Center for Advanced Hindsight

For more information about the “PoorQuality” project, contact curator Catherine Howard at creativedishonesty@gmail.com.

Learn more about this research at danariely.com

UPDATE: We have a new website fully devoted to our “Artistically Irrational” art series.

Check it out here: http://artisticallyirrational.ssri.duke.edu/