“Mac vs. PC” videos

I would like to see the world how it really is

So many mistakes

I have experiments

Supermen of the Mind

My Planner

Duke Basketball


Predictably Irrational – The Dan Ariely Show

Predictably Irrational videos with Sparkcreative


Relativity: We Rely on Comparisons

First Decisions Matter a Lot

The Temptation of Free

Social vs. Financial Exchanges

Hot States: We Don’t Recognize Ourselves

Hot States: Self-Control Mechanisms

High Cost of Attachment

Keeping Options Open

Expectations Color Experiences

Dishonesty: Everyone Cheats a Little Bit

The Promise of Behavioral Economics

Predictably Irrational videos by chapter

Chapter 1: The Truth about Relativity

Chapter 2: The Fallacy of Supply and Demand

Chapter 3: The Cost of Zero

Chapter 4: The Cost of Social Norms

Chapter 5: The Influence of Arousal

Chapter 6: The Problem of Procrastination

Chapter 7: The High Price of Ownership

Chapter 8: Keeping doors open

Chapter 9: The effect of expectations

Chapters 11 & 12: The Context of Our Character


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