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Review of Irrationally yours (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

`IRRATIONALLY YOURS’ DELIVERS CLEVER ADVICE WRAPPED IN HUMOR BY CHRISTINA LEDBETTER ASSOCIATED PRESS In his compilation of articles from his Wall Street Journal column, “Ask Ariely,” Dan Ariely wraps in a clever bow all the questions we’ve ever wanted answered concerning the…

Ask Ariely: On Risky Questionnaires, Great Expectations, and Victims of Piracy

Here’s my Q&A column from the WSJ this week — and if you have any questions for me, you can tweet them to @danariely with the hashtag #askariely, post a comment on my Ask Ariely Facebook page, or email them to This week, in celebration of my new book Irrationally…

Why do we have an artist in the lab?

I am in the very unique position of working full-time as an artist among scientists at the CAH. I often get questions about my role and projects in the lab, from people both within and far removed from the world of science….