Help us test a new email app

February 19, 2016 BY danariely

There is no question that email is one of the most important communication tools. It is also clear that it is a monster that is taking over our life and attention.


A few years ago in an attempt to reduce my own communication overload, we created Shortwhale (www.shortwhale.com), which asks the sender to classify the email before it reaches my inbox. Now, I am attempting to reduce email load and increase productivity further. Together with a fantastic team we created an email app (iPhone only at this point) that is aimed at helping people better manage their email-life and the related stress.


So far I have used an early version of the app for a few months and I find it very useful. We are now ready to open this app for a few more beta testers who are interested in helping us figure out ways to fight the email challenge.


Below is a short video of the email problem and our approach, as well as a way to sign up to test the app (link: http://newemailapp.com/).


If you are struggling with email and want to help us, please sign up – and thanks in advance .