Friend Measure: A facebook game

December 18, 2010 BY danariely

We just created a new facebook game called “Friend Measure

The basic idea is that once a week we will post a question.  The question this week is:

Would you date your friend’s ex a month after they broke up?

After you answer the weekly question, we ask you to pick some of your friends and predict how they will answer the same question. Next, they will be asked to answer the question (and also predict your answer).

After you and your friends have answered the question, you will get one score of how well you know your friends in general and other scores of how well you know each of your friends (and how well they know you).

Looking forward to your feedback, and if you want to suggest questions that we should ask in the weeks to come just send the suggestions to irrationallyyours@gmail.com

Friend Measure