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“Dan is the most provocative, interesting, and to-the-point advice columnist you are likely to read, whether on your job, your love life, your kids or your disrespectful neighbors.” — Tyler Cowen  |  Holbert L. Harris Professor of Economics at George Mason University; Author of Average Is Over; Blogger at

“Ariely is a master observer of human foibles. His advice is funny, thoughtful, and well-founded. Sometimes all three together. My advice: read it, enjoy it, think about it.”Al Roth  |  Craig & Susan McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University, Nobel Laureate in Economics.

“From advice on relationships to insight on superstitions, Ask Ariely is as informative as it is witty. Really enjoyed reading it.” — Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer  |  Sex Therapist

“With 70% of his body burned, 3 years in hospital, and decades of experiments in social science, Dan views life from a unique perspective. In this thoroughly entertaining book Dan providing insightful advice to a vast range of human problems. I loved it.” — Terry Jones  |  Monty Python member, director, actor and writer


“Dan Ariely’s ingeniously and delightfully teases out how people balance truthfulness with cheating to create a reality out of wishful-blindness reality. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of your personal ethics & those of everyone you know.” — Mehmet Oz. MD  |  Vice Chair & Professor of Surgery at Columbia University; Host of the Dr. Oz Show

“Anyone who lies should read this book. And those who claim not to tell lies are liars. So they should read this book too. This is a fascinating, learned, and funny book that will make you a better person.”A.J. Jacobs  |  Author of The Year of Living Biblically and Drop Dead Healthy

“In this endlessly fascinating book, Dan Ariely proves that dishonesty is everywhere: we are all bad apples. It’s an uncomfortable message, but the implications are huge – and nobody understands this better than Ariely. If you care about the truth, read this book.” — Jonah Lehrer  |  Author of How We Decide and Imagine

“When it comes to explaining the mysteries of why we do what we do, no other writer is more entertaining than Dan Ariely. With delightful anecdotes and revealing experiments, he makes exploring our dark side irresistibly fun.” — Chris Anderson  |  Editor-in-Chief of Wired; Author of The Long Tail

The Upside of Irrationality About this book »

“Dan Ariely is one of my heroes, as well as being an extraordinary social scientist. The Upside of Irrationality intertwines his fascinating research experiments with his own experience of recovery. From Dan’s story and research, we learn a great deal we did not know about ourselves. As a writer and as a person, Dan has a magic touch.” — George Akerlof  |  Nobel Larueate in Economics, 2001

“Dan is on a quest to identify and stamp out irrationality. We need him more than ever – and the good news for Dan is that irrationality is one resource we won’t run out of anytime soon.”Seth Godin  |  Author of Linchpin

“While buggy in hundreds of different ways, some of our most irrational quirk plays a key role in making our lives rich, satisfying, and meaningful. The Upside of Irrationality is largely devoted to these ‘good’ bugs. Based on fascinating original research, the writing is crystal clear, the storytelling is endearing, and the mind-shifting implications are, frankly, exhilarating.” — Chris Anderson  |  TED Curator

“The Upside of Irrationality will help reshape the way you see yourself and those around you.” — Bob McDonald  |  Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer, P & G

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“In creative ways, author Dan Ariely puts rationality to the test… New experiments and optimistic ideas tumble out of him, like water from a fountain.” — boston Globe

“A marvelous book … thought-provoking and highly entertaining.”Jerome Groopman  |  New York Times Best-Selling Author of How Doctors Think