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Irrationally Yours is published today!

May 18

Dear Friends,

My new book — Irrationally Yours is out today.  The book is based on my “Ask Ariely” column with some amazing cartoons by William Haefeli.

Here is a sample of what you might learn from the book…..

  • What can you do to stay calm when you’re playing the volatile stock market?
  • What’s the best way to get someone to stop smoking?
  • How can you maximize the return on your investment at an all-you-can-eat buffet?
  • Is it possible to put a price on the human soul?
  • Can you ever rationally justify spending thousands of dollars on a Rolex?

And here are some extra kind words from a few individuals:

With 70% of his body burned, 3 years in hospital, and decades of experiments in social science, Dan views life from a unique perspective. In this thoroughly entertaining book Dan providing insightful advice to a vast range of human problems. I loved it.

Terry Jones, Monty Python member, director, actor and writer


Ariely is a master observer of human foibles. His advice is funny, thoughtful, and well-founded. Sometimes all three together. My advice: read it, enjoy it, think about it.

Al Roth, Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University, Nobel laureate in Economics.


From advice on relationships to insight on superstitions, Ask Ariely is as informative as it is witty. I really enjoyed reading it.

Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, Sex Therapist


The human brain is one of the largest mysteries in the world. Trying to understand its complexities and improve our behavior is one of the main challenges society deals with. In Irrationally Yours, Dan shares with us some of these mysteries and the tools for accomplishing this task.

Anthony “Tony” Robbins, life coach. Author of Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.


Dan is the most provocative, interesting, and to-the-point advice columnist you are likely to read, whether on your job, your love life, your kids or your disrespectful neighbors.

Tyler Cowen, Holbert L. Harris Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Author of Average Is Over and blogger at


There is nobody better placed to solve your problems than Dan Ariely. A master of both rationality and irrationality, he’s wise enough to know which to recommend in any situation. A funny, addictive, life-changing book.

Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist Strikes Back


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Reader Response: Day 9

May 18

This reader was inspired to pursue her dreams after reading Irrationally Yours. Hear her story below:

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 8

May 17

Here’s eight!

To see the entire collection of Reader Responses for Irrationally Yours, check out this album.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 7

May 16

In this video, Day 7 in the Reader Response series, a reader explains how Irrationally Yours helped her become a better decision maker.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 6

May 15

Yet another!

Check out all the Reader Responses in this album.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 5

May 14

This just in: Critics are calling Irrationally Yours the best behavioral economics book to come out this May!

Hear what one reader has to say below.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 4

May 13

Enjoy this video review from another loyal reader.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 3

May 12

Third in the Reader Response series, see what this generous reader has to say about my upcoming book Irrationally Yours.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

Reader Response: Day 2

May 11

Another kind reader agreed to review my upcoming book.

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

“Irrationally Yours” Reader Response

May 10

Please enjoy the first of a series of reviews of my upcoming book “Irrationally Yours” that I will be posting for you.

Watch it here:

Irrationally Yours” is based on my “Ask Ariely” advice column in the Wall Street Journal, and is illustrated by cartoonist William Haefeli (who you will surely recognize from The New Yorker).

Irrationally Yours,

Dan Ariely

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