Learn about some of Dan’s experiments

See what Dan’s been working on by exploring the following experiments, and learn how their results inform us of our own irrational behaviors and the science behind them.

The Price of a Bribe

Bribery, one of the most common forms of political corruption, has recently been the target of psychological research trying to understand what factors lead to bribery. What does exposure to a bribe do to our moral behavior?

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Healthier by Pre-Commitment

Much of the time, we intend to make healthy choices but have trouble acting on these intentions. We set out to the store with every intention to return home with bags of fresh produce, but find ourselves in the checkout line with loads of unhealthy snacks and goodies…

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Inviting Consumers to Downsize Fast-Food Portions Significantly Reduces Calorie Consumption

Consumers report that they often overeat, and would be happy to receive smaller portions in restaurants. And yet, it is extremely rare for restaurant patrons to explicitly request a smaller meal…

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Better Medicine by Default

As computerized systems begin to dominate the health care landscape, it is important to consider how these systems can be designed to aid physicians in making the best decisions and recommendations for their patients…

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Building a Better America – One Wealth Quintile at a Time

Assumptions about the optimal level of wealth (in)equality underlie a wide range of government debates and have applications to broad areas of public policy. However, these assumptions are often based on ideology rather than data…

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Tax-Time Savings Intervention

Saving rates among low- and middle-income households tends to be low, but the benefits are high. In order to encourage saving, we identified tax-time (when many of these families receive a refund) as an apt opportunity to build up savings immediately and improve their financial well-being in the long run…

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It’s (Not) All About the Jacksons

While companies routinely attempt to incentivize employee productivity, they often implement programs without any sort of systematic analysis to determine their effectiveness…

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