Sample Size Matters
(Sample) Size MattersBrought to you by Dan Ariely and the Center for Advanced Hindsight, “(Sample) Size Matters” asks anyone with a smartphone or iPad to participate in a movement that transcends oceans and cultural barriers, gaining access to a wider range of information than ever before. Download the app now, and get started on your first mission!





Pocket Ariely

PocketArielyREAD! life-changing advice from a “genius at understanding human behavior” [James Surowiecki, staff writer at The New Yorker and author of The Wisdom of Crowds], and never make another bad decision!
WATCH! lectures and entertaining videos from “one of my heroes” [George Akerloff, 2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics], and never let anyone else make a bad decision either!
LISTEN! as a man described as “surprisingly entertaining” [USA Today] interviews the leading scientists of the day, and learn everything there is to know about humanity!
LOOK! at visual illusions that will twist your brain into knots, and remind yourself of your own irrational tendencies wherever you are!
TASTE! the culinary confections of a man widely acknowledged as the finest improvisational chef in three states, and never go hungry again! (Well, not really…)






Conscience+Conscience+ is here to help you through life’s most perplexing moral dilemmas. Based on the latest insights about human decision making, Conscience+ gives you the excuses you need to justify doing what you want to do — whether it is something good you aspire to, OR something more shady and less moral. Think of Conscience+ as providing both an angel and a devil, sitting on your shoulder and available for advice at the flip of a switch.





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